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Omnicom Research has experience in the following areas:
• Organisational & Corporate Communications
• Organisational & Corporate Climate Analysis
• Employee Satisfaction Evaluation
• Employee Attitudinal Research


Our Specialist Knowledge Encompasses:

• Recognising The Employee Advantage: In an increasingly competitive
business environment, organisations are now recognising the well-documented
causal relationship between satisfied employees and financial gains. Omnicom Research
works with you to achieve the ultimate ‘Employee Advantage’

• Understanding Client Needs: In our experience, organisations require one
of three different approaches to research. Identifying the approach required is
critical in achieving desired outcomes.

“Cultural Evaluation” – Evaluates the effectiveness of an organisation,
and identifies issues to be resolved. Often this involves both quantitative
and qualitative research.

“Cultural Empowerment” – Involves participants in the change process,
identifying what management has to do in order to address employee
concerns. Often this involves forums that provide actionable solutions or
‘quick-fixes’ to current issues.

“Cultural Marketing” – Demonstrates to employees that management is
listening. Often this involves utilising forums that demonstrate to staff that
they have a ‘voice’.

• Utilising Organisational Psychology and Communication Theories to
Contextualisethe Research Findings: Our research is not about just reporting
data, but providing strategic recommendations, based on empirically validated
theories and models, with actionable outcomes for your organisation.

• Understanding the Factors of Successful Employee Research: We consider
the key success conditions are: management commitment and employee