Who We Are

Omnicom is a boutique research firm, partnering with clients to deliver deep insights and analytics into customer behaviour


Innovative Leadership

We pride ourselves on our leading position in the marketplace. The team focus on providing strategic outcomes.

Research is considered the enabler to uncover the answers to your questions.


Strategic Partnership

A partnership committed to helping you excel in your business goals.

  • Omnicom endeavors to develop an ongoing relationship with select clients and work in partnership on an ongoing basis.
  • An ongoing partnership enables Omnicom to gain a thorough understanding of both current and historical information which is applied to create relevant solutions.
  • This collaborative approach also enables Omnicom Research to provide¬†continued support and consultation.


We respect your confidentiality

We believe in order to offer you a strategic partnership, there must be total commitment. This demands total confidentiality from us, for each of our partners.

We would be happy to discuss with you our experience and current availability within your industry.